Best Fishing Lakes in Oxfordshire: Ultimate Guide

Top Fishing Lakes in Oxfordshire:

Nestled in the southeast region of England, Oxfordshire is a county renowned for its picturesque countryside and scenic views. The county’s excellent fishing lakes are some of the best in the UK, reeling in fishing enthusiasts from all corners of the globe!

Fishing in Oxfordshire encompasses both coarse fishing and fly fishing, offering a wide variety of fish species to catch. The county boasts numerous fishing lakes and rivers, all stocked with a diverse selection of fish such as carp, tench, bream, roach, perch, pike, and trout.

Carp, being highly sought-after, constitutes one of the primary attractions for anglers in Oxfordshire. Several lakes, such as the well-known Linch Hill Fishery and Orchid Lake, are specially stocked with carp, presenting an excellent opportunity for anglers to catch some of the largest carp in the entire country.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, there is a fishing lake in Oxfordshire made for you, due to the diversity of fishing spots on offer here.

With well-stocked lakes and tranquil rivers, Oxfordshire has undoubtedly become a must-visit destination for all fishing enthusiasts looking for a highly rewarding fishing experience.

Showing the Best Fishing Lake in Oxfordshire

People are usually surprised when I say I enjoy fishing! Although I’m no Jeremy Wade, fishing is such an amazingly therapeutic thing to do, as it combines the great outdoors, mental relaxation, and the thrill of the catch! Why do you love fishing? Let me know in the comments below! 🎣🪝🐟

Now, let’s get into the best Fishing Lakes in Oxfordshire that you simply cannot miss:

1. Linear Fisheries

A popular destination for fishing in Oxfordshire is Linear Fisheries, situated in Witney, which is recognised as one of the top fisheries in southern England and a popular destination for carp fishing enthusiasts.

With an impressive array of over 30 lakes to choose from, all brimming with various species of fish, anglers of all levels are spoilt for choice here.

Linear Fisheries Species

Linear Fisheries is renowned for its diversity of fish species, including pike, catfish, roach, rudd, crucian carp, and tench, but it’s particularly famous among anglers for its exceptional carp fishing.

The lakes within Linear Fisheries are abundant with large carp, some even exceeding 40lb, with the largest recorded being 44lb 6oz! The density of these species is remarkable, with over 1,600 carp found in Oxlease Lake alone, providing ample opportunities for anglers to reel in a significant catch.

Facilities at Linear Fisheries

Linear Fisheries provides a range of amenities to make your fishing adventure comfortable.

The ticket office at this popular fishing lake in Oxfordshire operates 24/7, permitting fishing activities at any hour of the day or night. Additionally, a tackle shop is available on-site to purchase bait and other fishing equipment if needed.

The on-site café serves both hot and cold meals, as well as variety of drinks and snacks. For added convenience, Linear Fisheries has shower and toilet facilities, making it easy to freshen up after a day of fishing.

All things considered, Linear Fisheries is an excellent fishing spot for anglers searching for a well-stocked fishery, with a variety of species, and unrestricted fishing hours. This makes it one of the best fishing lakes in Oxfordshire!

2. Hardwick Parks

One of the most popular fishing lakes in Oxfordshire is Hardwick Lake, located in Hardwick Parks, which is right in the heart of the county.

There are designated fishing areas around the lake where visitors can set up their gear and cast their lines. These areas are strategically placed to provide anglers with the best chances of success.

Fishing permits are required to fish at Hardwick Parks, and they can be purchased from the park’s reception. The permits allow you to fish from the designated areas for the duration of your stay.

Hardwick Park Species

The picturesque Hardwick Lake is the ideal place to go fishing as it has a wide variety of fish species, such as carp, bream, and roach.

Hardwick Parks occasionally organises fishing competitions for those who enjoy a bit of friendly competition. It’s a great opportunity to show off your fishing skills and potentially win some prizes!

Facilities at Hardwick Parks

Hardwick Parks has well-maintained amenities including clean and modern toilets and showers blocks to provide added comfort and convenience. Whether you’re looking to freshen up after a day of outdoor activities or a challenging day of fishing, you’ll find everything you need here. The excellent facilities here make Hardwick Lake one of the most popular fishing lakes in Oxfordshire.

3. Orchid Lakes

Nestled in the heart of the Thames Valley, Orchid Lakes, boasts a long-standing history and an excellent reputation for unparalleled carp angling opportunities.

Orchid Lake Facilities

The facilities at Orchid Lakes include two well-stocked lakes, namely the Main Lake, spanning 18 acres and comprising two lakes, and the Specimen Lake, a smaller 10-acre lake.

These lakes are meticulously stocked, and the site provides first-rate amenities, including well-maintained toilets, shower facilities, and an on-site tackle shop. The owners have also taken measures to ensure accessibility for disabled individuals.

Orchid Lake Species

Orchid Lake is home to a wide range of fish species, including carp, bream, roach, and pike. Particularly noteworthy are the carp, with numerous specimens weighing over 30lbs.

Anglers visiting Orchid Lakes can expect a rewarding fishing experience, as the fishery is well-stocked, offering the opportunity to catch a substantial number of fish during their visit.

Day Ticket and Night Fishing

In terms of Day Ticket Lakes, Orchid Lakes provides day ticket fishing options, starting at £15, allowing anglers to enjoy the lakes during the daytime. Additionally, night fishing is also available at this venue, with prices starting at £25.

Opting for night fishing grants anglers the opportunity to have a peaceful night of angling, as well as the opportunity to catch some of the larger specimens that come out at night time.

In essence, Orchid Lakes is one of the best fishing lakes in Oxfordshire, offering outstanding amenities, a diverse array of fish species, and round the clock fishing hours.

4. Milton Pools Fishery

Milton Pools Fishery, situated adjacent to the M40 motorway near Oxford, is a popular day ticket water with a history of more than 70 years. It offers six waters that cater to both novice and experienced anglers, promising a diverse range of fishing experiences.

Anglers have the choice of fishing in any of the six available waters, such as the Home Pool, Hardwick, and Acre Lake. Night fishing is available on the Home Pool, adding to the diverse fishing options to choose from.

Being in proximity to other popular fishing spots in Oxfordshire, such as Clattercote Reservoir, the Cherwell, and the Oxford Canal, this Fishery has become part of the appealing fishing landscape of the Thames Valley region.

For those seeking coarse fishing adventures in Oxfordshire, Milton Pools Fishery is an excellent choice for anglers of all levels. With its wide array of features and facilities, anglers can enjoy a memorable fishing experience amidst picturesque surroundings.

Milton Pools Fishery Species

Milton Pools Fishery boasts a diverse species range of species, including roach weighing up to 3lbs, perch up to 4lbs, tench surpassing double figures, pike up to 30lbs, carp over 43lbs, and recently introduced catfish.

This variety allows anglers to indulge in various fishing experiences, from tranquil pleasure fishing for roach and perch to targeting larger carp and catfish as specimens.

Milton Pools Fishery Facilities

To cater to visitors’ needs, Milton Pools Fishery provides on-site amenities like toilets, showers, and a tackle shop.

Additionally, there’s a café that serves hot and cold food and drinks.

Day Ticket Waters

Day ticket fishing is available from 7.30 am until 6.30 pm.

View Lake is one of the lakes situated within the Milton Pools Fishery. Anglers visiting this lake have the opportunity to catch various fish species, including chub.

Having been established over 70 years ago, Milton Pools Fishery stands as one of those hidden gems in the angling community, offering well-spaced pegs and a tranquil fishing experience.

The Best Day Ticket Waters, Oxfordshire:

1. Upper Farm Fishery

Upper Farm Fishery is located in Henton near Chinnor and is easily one of the best fishing lakes in Oxfordshire.

Upper Farm Fishery Species

Upper Farm Fishery is home to well stocked private one acre lake, split into two pools which are connected via a narrow waterway.

The lake contains a variety of fish species, including Roach, Rudd, Perch, Bream, Tench, Common, Mirror, Crucian and Grass Carp.

Anglers of all skill levels will find plenty of opportunities to catch different types of fish. The lake has hotspots where anglers can target the bigger fish.

Upper Farm Fishery Facilities

Upper Farm Fishery provides comfortable fishing swims where anglers can set up their equipment and enjoy the day. You can expect well-maintained fishing platforms or spacious banks to cater to different fishing styles.

There is an on-site tackle shop where you can purchase or rent fishing tackle, bait, and other necessary equipment. It’s convenient if you need to stock up before your fishing session.

Facilities also include a large car park and toilet.

The Fisheries is set in a peaceful and scenic location, providing a tranquil atmosphere for fishing enthusiasts. You’ll have the chance to enjoy the beautiful countryside surroundings while casting your line.

Day ticket fishing is available from 8am-8pm, all year round. Anglers wishing to book overnight fishing or a 24 hour ticket must do so in advance.

2. Bridge Lake Farm and Fishery

Bridge Lake Farm and Fishery is an excellent day ticket fishery located in Witney.

Although this fishery is popular with locals it’s practically unknown to anglers more than 10 miles away, which makes it a true hidden gem.

Bridge Lake Facilities

Bridge Lake offers a tranquil getaway in the picturesque Oxfordshire countryside, with its glamping lodges right on the lake itself.

If your family loves fishing, this is the ideal spot for you – they can relax in the hot tub admiring the lake while you focus on the fishing!

Bridge Lake Species

The lake is stocked with a range of fish species, including chub, and offers anglers the chance to catch some impressive specimens.

Day ticket fishing is available from dawn until dusk.

fishing lakes in oxfordshire

3. Cheyney Manor Lakes

Cheyney Manor Lakes, situated south of Banbury, provides a day ticket fishing opportunity with four ponds available for anglers to choose from.

These lakes were once the private ponds of the manor house; however, they have now been transformed into a day ticket water and a campsite.

All four lakes offer a rewarding fishing experience if you’re willing to explore and scout around.

Staying at the campsite presents the advantage of getting an early start and taking a leisurely walk around the lakes at first light, enabling you to locate the fish’s whereabouts. Once you’ve identified the promising spots, you can set up your gear and prepare for a productive day of fishing!

Cheyney Manor Lakes Species

Cheyney Manor Lakes feature a diverse range of fish species across all four lakes. Expect a healthy population of roach and rudd, along with perch, pike, tench, and carp.

While the carp might not be the largest, there are still a few specimens on-site that reach double figures. Similarly, pike of considerable size can also be found. For the smaller species, it’s not uncommon to catch roach weighing up to 2lbs and perch up to 3lbs.

Facilities at Cheyney Manor Lakes

Toilets and parking are available to anglers.

4. Lodge Farm Fishing

Lodge Farm Fisheries, situated near Bicester in Fritwell, is an excellent day ticket fishery boasting two lakes that cater to different angling preferences.

Species at Lodge Farm Fisheries

The first lake is the specimen lake, which houses a thriving carp population and features three islets for fishing. The second lake is the match lake, which also has a healthy number of carp but presents a diverse range of other species to target, including roach, perch, a few bream, and some tench.

In the specimen lake, you can find carp weighing up to 25 pounds, with a significant number of carp reaching double-digit weights. As for the match lake, it hosts a few carp exceeding ten pounds, but the majority of carp in this lake are now under ten pounds.

Additionally, the match lake provides the opportunity to catch perch up to 4 pounds and roach up to 2 pounds, making it an excellent option for anglers seeking to beat their personal bests.

Facilities at Lodge Farm

There is an on-site cafe and toilets for both club matches and pleasure anglers. Parking is at the rear of most pegs with access at the majority for disabled anglers.

fishing lakes in oxfordshire

5. Ladygrove Lakes

Ladygrove Lakes is a popular day fishing complex that has developed a reputation for being one of the best fishing lakes in Oxfordshire, due to its well-maintained lakes known for their stocked fish populations.

The lakes are set amidst beautiful countryside surroundings, providing a peaceful and picturesque backdrop for your fishing session.

Species at Ladygrove Lakes

The species at Ladygrove Lakes include carp (mirror, common and ghost carp), tench, bream, roach and perch. It also holds some beautiful goldfish which are a good size.

Facilities at Ladygrove Lakes

Ladygrove Lakes provides designated fishing swims or pegs around the lakes where anglers can set up their gear.

The complex offers parking facilities for anglers, allowing for convenient access to the fishing lakes.

There aren’t any toilets on site, but there is disabled access to some of the swims.

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    Trout Fishing:

    Oxfordshire is a well-favoured destination among anglers who are interested in trout fishing.

    For trout fishing enthusiasts, there are several fishing lakes and rivers in Oxfordshire that have gained popularity. The River Thames holds a prominent position as one of the top spots for trout fishing in the region, boasting an abundant population of brown trout.

    Among the favoured trout fishing spots in Oxfordshire is Brasenose One, conveniently located near the River Thames. This lake stands out for its large trout population, offering anglers the chance to catch sizeable specimens.

    With the lake record for trout caught being an impressive 31lb 4oz, this is undoubtedly one of the top fishing lakes in Oxfordshire for anglers seeking a rewarding fishing experience.

    fishing lakes in oxfordshire

    Pike Fishing:

    Pike fishing is another popular activity in Oxfordshire, with numerous fishing lakes and rivers known for providing excellent pike fishing experiences.

    The River Thames also stands out as one of the most sought-after pike fishing locations in Oxfordshire, boasting some of the region’s largest pike. Anglers frequently encounter pike with an average size of approximately 20lb in this river, making it a popular destination for those seeking a challenging fishing experience.

    Another favoured pike fishing spot in Oxfordshire is Lake 4 at Linear Fisheries. This lake is renowned for its sizeable pike population, with the lake record for pike caught standing at an impressive 46lb 8oz.

    fishing lakes in oxfordshire

    Other Excellent Fishing Lakes in Oxfordshire:

    Apart from the top fishing lakes in Oxfordshire that I mentioned above, there are numerous others worth mentioning, including the following:

    1. Linch Hill Fishery

    Linch Hill Fishery is located in the village of Stanton Harcourt, amidst picturesque countryside. It’s open all year round and primarily known for its exceptional carp fishing opportunities.

    It is home to several stunning lakes, including Christchurch, Willow, and Oxlease Lake, which are stocked with a variety of specimen carp.

    Willow Lake contains carp weighing up to 30lb, whereas Christchurch Lake and Oxlease Lake are renowned for harbouring some of the largest carp in the UK.

    Carp fishing enthusiasts will find a range of sizes and impressive carp specimens to target.

    Exclusive and Syndicate Lakes

    Linch Hill Fishery offers both exclusive and syndicate lakes, catering to different fishing preferences.

    Exclusive lakes provide private fishing experiences, while syndicate lakes are accessible to members who enjoy a more intimate and controlled fishing environment.

    Linch Hill Fishery Facilities

    On-site, you’ll find a tackle shop that stocks a wide range of fishing tackle, bait, and equipment. This ensures that you have access to the essentials and can get expert advice if needed.

    Linch Hill Fishery provides awesome accommodation options for anglers who prefer to stay on-site. These accommodations range from comfortable fishing lodges to fully equipped caravans, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable fishing getaway.

    This Fishery has gained a reputation as a premier carp fishing destination in the UK, attracting anglers from near and far.

    fishing lakes in oxfordshire

    2. Marlborough Pool

    Located in Cassington near Witney, Marlborough Pool is a scenic lake set in woodland. It’s one of the top fishing lakes in Oxfordshire if you are looking for a peaceful fishing experience.

    The lake is open all year round and has 20 pegs. Anglers can use a variety of tactics to catch fish, including float fishing, ledgering, and surface fishing.

    Marlborough Pool Facilities

    The facilities at Marlborough Pool include recently upgraded swims for more comfort and casting clearance. This lake also has a gated car park that requires a permit for entry.

    Marlborough Pool Species

    Marlborough Pool is home to about 200 Carp to just under 30lb and has a healthy head of Bream, Pike, Tench and Silver fish, with a small but impressive stock of big Crucian Carp.

    fishing lakes in oxfordshire

    3. Newland Angling Club

    Newland Angling Club is a fishing club with several lakes in Standlake, a beautiful countryside village in West Oxfordshire.

    Newland Angling Club Species

    The club has a selection of lakes, including match lakes and carp fishing lakes, all of which are stocked with a range of fish, such as common carp, mirror carp, and tench.

    Anglers can employ various fishing tactics, including float fishing, ledgering, and surface fishing.

    The lakes that can be fished all year round and day tickets are available for non-members.

    fishing lakes in oxfordshire

    4. Oxford Quarry

    Oxford Quarry is a former 90 acre limestone quarry that has been turned into a fishing lake. It’s located in the village of South Oxford and is open all year round.

    Oxford Quarry Species

    The lake is stocked with a variety of fish, including common carp, mirror carp, and pike, with hotspots where anglers can target the bigger fish.

    This distinctive fishing location provides a diverse selection of lakes tailored to accommodate anglers of all skill levels. Anglers can use a variety of tactics to catch fish here, including ledgering, float fishing, and surface fishing.

    The quarry’s excavation resulted in a stone-faced basin, featuring two sections designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest.


    There is a fully stocked tackle shop and cafe, providing anglers with the necessary equipment and refreshments.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I go carp fishing in Oxfordshire?

    Carp fishing is extremely popular in Oxfordshire, with some of the popular carp fishing lakes including Orchid Lake, Brasenose 1, and Milton Pools Fishery. These lakes are well-known for their carp fishing and offer a variety of carp species.

    What are the best fishing clubs in Europe?

    There are lots of fishing clubs in Oxfordshire that offer a mass of angling on rivers and lakes, including Newland Angling Club, the Abingdon and Oxford Anglers’ Alliance, the Banbury and District Angling Association, and the Thame Angling Club.

    What fishing lakes are near Banbury?

    There are lots of fishing lakes near Banbury, with some of the popular ones including College Farm Fishery, Glebe Leisure Touring Caravan Park, and Nellbridge Fishery. Each of these lakes have a variety of fish species and are well-maintained.

    Is fishing still allowed at Blenheim Palace?

    No, fishing is no longer allowed at Blenheim Palace, with the lake now being used for recreational activities such as boating and swimming.

    Showing the Best Fishing Lakes in Oxfordshire


    I hope you enjoyed this article on the best fishing lakes in Oxfordshire! Regardless of whether you are looking for a relaxing day out in nature or a more demanding fishing trip, Oxfordshire has it all.

    With its stunning landscapes, extensive variety of excellent fishing spots, and plethora of fish species, it’s no surprise that Oxfordshire is celebrated as one of the top fishing destinations in the UK.

    Happy Fishing! 🎣

    Showing the Best Fishing Lakes in Oxfordshire

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