Everything You Need to Pack for Atlantis, Bahamas

Paradise Packing List: What to Pack for Atlantis, Bahamas

Are you heading to the Bahamas and wondering what to pack for Atlantis Paradise Island? Well, you have come to the right place!

I spent a couple of weeks at this incredible Atlantis Resort, so I’ve put together the ultimate Atlantis packing list for you, including all my insider tips.

Whatever you do, don’t show up to your Bahamas trip unprepared, as this will almost certainly be the trip of a lifetime!

I’ve travelled far and wide, and honestly this was one of the best trips I’ve ever done (this is not even an ad, the resort is just out of this world!) From the food (hello Nobu!) to the Instagram spots around every corner, to shark waterslides and a spa that is simply to die for, Atlantis truly has it all!

But first, Bahamas Travel Tips

  • Packing cubes: Do you use packing cubes? If not, I highly recommend using them for your Atlantis trip! They will help organise your packing and even compress your clothes so you have more room in your suitcase.
  • Travel Documents: (1) Ensure you have a valid passport with at least six months’ validity remaining. (2) Check if you need a visa depending on your nationality. (3) Keep digital and physical copies of important documents.
  • e-SIM: Forget plastic sim cards, get an e-SIM (digital SIM Card) from Airalo, the world’s first eSIM store. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about Airalo until I got back from the Atlantis Resort, which cost me dearly! I ended up spending £95 on data during the last day of our trip when the WiFi went down and we had to urgently check in for our flights etc. Since you’ll need a strong WiFi (or data) connection to complete the e-SIM installation, I recommend installing your eSIM on your phone 1-2 days before you get to the Bahamas.
  • Hurricane season: If you are travelling to the Atlantis, Bahamas between June and November (hurricane season), add a rain jacket and a travel-sized umbrella to your Bahamas packing list, and of course don’t forget to take out travel insurance. I highly recommend going with SafetyWing Insurance – why? Find out below!

Bahamas Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential in the Bahamas due to the high cost of healthcare, the abundance of water activities, and risk of hurricanes. Getting the right insurance will save you thousands if something goes wrong.

Nomad Insurance with SafetyWing is amazing, as it covers emergency medical evacuation and bedside visits, starting at just $42 per 4 weeks.

You can use it as a subscription service, meaning you don’t have to pay for the whole year upfront. Instead, you’re charged every 28 days, until you cancel, giving you the ultimate level of flexibility. There’s also no limit on travel duration, so you don’t need a return date (and a return ticket) in order to activate your insurance. So it’s the perfect safety net for anyone on the move!

Check SafetyWing Insurance out for yourself here:

Packing List: Exactly what you NEED to Pack for Bahamas Atlantis


When considering what to pack for the Bahamas Atlantis Resort, let’s start with the OBVIOUS things first. Someone somewhere is bound to forget one of these items:

  • Passport! Believe it or not my friend almost forgot to pack this for our Bahamas Atlantis trip – thank the Lord I sent her my packing list. It’s not even the first time we’ve had this near epic fail happen 😂
  • Credit Card – Atlantis Bahamas ain’t cheap! For the most part, the resort is cashless, so you will need to bring your credit card.
  • Cash – ideally small bills in cash ($5s and $10s), for tips and taxi rides (most on the island don’t accept credit cards).
  • Sunscreen (factor 50+) – Packing sunscreen for the Bahamas is essential as it is very expensive to buy on the island. My personal recommendation is always going to be SunBum. This is not even an ad, it’s just the best sun-scream EVER (doesn’t stain your clothes, super easily absorbed, and the face mist smells like banana milkshake!)
  • Swimwear – unless you plan to spend the entire Atlantis holiday in your room I suggest packing several swimsuits for your Bahamas Atlantis trip! I also recommend bringing a cover up if you plan on walking through the lobbies of this resort post swim.
  • Sunglasses – I recommend packing at least two pairs for your for your Bahamas Atlantis trip to avoid any additional costs. Over the years I’ve lost more sunglasses than I can count and you won’t find any affordable sunglasses at this resort!
  • Prescription Medications – it would be a shame to die on the vacation of a lifetime!
  • Toiletries – (deodorant, toothbrush, aftersun, make up etc.) These items will almost certainly be more expensive at this Atlantis Bahamas resort and on the island in general.
  • Pens – essential for international flights and the paperwork.
  • Adaptor – to charge your phone etc., unless you’re planning on doing a digital detox at the Atlantis resort!
  • Socks, pants, PJs very obvious but easily forgotten!


  • Water Shoes / Flip Flops pack something waterproof and easy to take on and off your feet for your Bahamas Atlantis trip. I personally pack about 5 pairs of Havaianas with me on every trip, so these are a great option and super affordable!
  • Insect Repellant – the Bahamas is a tropical location and the mosquitos are savage (especially in Summer). Don’t forget to apply it every evening at the Atlantis Resort.
  • Power Bank – I take one on all my travels as I never want to miss out on getting some awesome content! Did it even happen if it’s not on Instagram? You may also want to use the Atlantis app to get around this huge resort, which will drain your battery.
  • Beach Bag – Essential packing for your Bahamas Atlantis trip. You can use it to store your suncream, snacks, towels etc! Note: You can even get beach bags with locks nowadays, which are a great way to secure your belongings while you’re doing water activities etc. Although it’s unlikely that anyone at this boujee resort would steal anything!
  • Hand Sanitiser – Essential for everyday life if you’re a germaphobe like me! Atlantis resort is pristine, but it’s a busy place so it’s always good to have some on you.
  • Sun Hat – one of the most important things to pack for Bahamas Atlantis due to the intense tropical sun and awesome outdoor activities here.
  • Beautiful Outfits – the Atlantis Resort is pretty swanky, with some amazing fine dining options, so you might want to dress up. Normal clothes will be needed too!
  • First Aid Kit – it’s always a good idea to bring a first aid kit on any holiday in case you get some cuts, scapes, insect bites etc!
  • Your Laptop – for work 🤑 or fun (Netflix, YouTube etc!)


Below is a list of everything I forgot to pack for the Bahamas Atlantis and instantly regretted!

  • Snorkeling Gear – I wish I packed my own, as on one of the day trips we did, the snorkel I was given was damaged and that kind of ruined the experience! You really don’t want to miss out on the incredible sea life here, which is next level – sharks and all.
  • Lip-balm with an SPF – you will thank me later! Pack this for your Bahamas Atlantis trip and any trip involving even mild sun.
  • Granola Bars – bringing cereal bars (and snacks in general) is a great way to save money. I recommend bringing these in your case as most grocery stores on the island are pretty expensive.
  • Waterproof Phone Case – get one with a lanyard so you can wear it at the Aquaventure water park to get some awesome pictures of the famous shark slides and the rapid river. These are also making a fashion comeback!
  • A Good Book – if you plan to read for fun on your Bahamas Atlantis trip then pack at least one book for a pool or beach day.
  • Dry Bag – to protect your belongings and valuables from water and moisture when doing water-based activities, which you will do A LOT of at this Atlantis Resort and the Bahamas in general.
  • Insulated Mugs – not an obvious thing to pack for your Bahamas Atlantis trip but it will keep your drinks icy cold for hours while you relax beachside.
  • Workout Clothes and shoes and socks for the amazing fitness centre at this Atlantis Bahamas resort.
  • Deep Conditioner + Hair sunscreen – pool water, salt water and tropical sunshine will damage your hair.  Keep your hair healthy, strong and tangle free with a deep conditioner for the evenings, plus some hair sunscreen for the daytime.
  • Quick-dry Towels/ Microfibre towels – in my personal experience this is one of the best things to pack for your Bahamas Atlantis trip and is always a great option to bring on a tropical vacation. Hotel towels simply don’t cut it for me!
  • Silk products (e.g. silk hair towel, pillow and sleeping mask!)


  • Goggles if you’re on a family vacation and your little one usually wears goggles when swimming, pack some for Atlantis, so you don’t end up buying overpriced goggles on the island.
  • Beach Toys – always a good addition to pack for little kids heading to Bahamas Atlantis. For travel, bucket hats that fold up flat and inflatable pool noodles are a great shout.
  • Rash Guard – pack a rash guard for Bahamas Atlantis to protect your bundles of joy from the sun and to prevent nasty rashes.

Note: No need to pack life vests for Bahamas Atlantis – they have them at the Aquaventure water park.

Also, did you know that with SafetyWing Insurance, 2 children under the age of 10 are included free of charge (with 1 adult policy)! How amazing!

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    Best Bahamas Tours

    As fabulous as it is, I highly recommend leaving this Atlantis Resort at least once, as there are so many cool activities to do on the island and beyond.

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    Hope you have an awesome Bahamas Atlantis trip!✌

    I hope you enjoyed this what to pack for Bahamas Atlantis list, if I’ve missed anything do let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to add it to the list!

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